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Recycling your waste

Recycling your waste

Recycling has a positive impact on the environment and benefits the economy. You can make a difference, whether you already recycle and want to do more, or would like to start recycling.

How to recycle at home?

Your local council offers a kerbside recycling collection for different types of waste including food waste. To find out what your council collects either contact them directly.

Household recyclable materials can also be taken to your council’s Household Waste Recycling Centre (sometimes called the CA site or tip), and bring-banks that are usually situated in car parks and other outdoor spaces.

To find out how much of the waste collected by your Local Authority is reused, recycled or composted, take a look at the recycling rates for Welsh Authorities which can be found on the Welsh Government website (external link).

You can find out where the waste and recycling collected by each Local Authority in Wales goes by visiting StatsWales (external link).

How to recycle at work?

Local councils collect certain types of waste for recycling from community groups, public sector organisations and businesses. Contact your local council for more information on the services they provide. They make a charge for this service. A list of Unitary Authorities is available on the Welsh Government Website (external link). 

Alternatively private waste companies provide recycling collections to all types of organisations. If your organisation is considering recycling more of its waste, WRAP provide a step by step guide (external link) for offices, small retailers and hospitality providers. 

What happens to your recycling?

Your recycling is picked-up by the waste collector (either the council for household recycling and some workplaces, or a private waste collector), sorted onto the vehicle at the kerbside or after collection at a sorting facility and bought by reprocessors. The reprocessors then turn the materials collected into brand new products to be bought and consumed.

To find out more about what the Welsh Government is doing to help Wales to reduce its waste and recycle more, visit the Waste and Recycling pages on the Welsh Government website (external link).

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