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Reduce and re-use to minimise waste

Reduce and re-use to minimise waste

Reducing the amount of waste you create by the way you buy and use items, including by reusing, refurbishing and buying products that are designed to last, can all help prevent unnecessary waste going to landfill.

You can also find out how to increase the amount you recycle and compost.

For tips on how to reduce the amount of waste you produce and to increase the amount you recycle and reuse visit your local authority website for more information.

The Love Food Hate Waste campaign Love Food Hate Waste campaign (external link) provides hints and tips to reduce the amount of food you waste. The site has links to portion planning and has recipes for using up your leftovers.

Love Your Clothes

You can reduce the amount of clothing you buy by re-using, up-cycling and caring for your clothes correctly, making them last longer. For tips to help you save money and reduce your impact on the environment visit Love Your Clothes (external link).


If you’re looking to buy products that are designed to last, can be easily re-used, upgraded or refurbished and therefore won’t need replacing as often then look out for eco-labels. Eco-labels are labelling systems for food and consumer products that meet high environmental standards and will deliver high performance and quality, contribute to sustainability and minimise waste.

For information on the EU Ecolabel and other Ecolabels visit the European Commission (external link).

Reduce and reuse at work

There is a lot that businesses can do to reduce their waste. Guidance for key sectors is available from WRAP (external link).

Using reusable cups rather than plastic ones for drinking water, printing documents double sided and only when necessary are just some of the simple things you can do at work to reduce your waste.

Your organisation may want to reuse second hand items for your premises or donate items such as used office furniture. There are a number of office furniture suppliers who also sell second hand items, and some of the larger charity shops accept donations from businesses. Search online for second hand office furniture suppliers or contact your local charity shop.

To find out more about what the Welsh Government is doing to help Welsh householders and organisations to reduce their waste, visit the Waste Prevention pages on the Welsh Government website (external link).

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