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Working together for a more efficient and prosperous Wales

The Welsh Government is committed to resource efficiency as a key priority within our Programme for Government (external link). There are many benefits to Wales and her citizens from saving energy and water and creating less waste, including increasing our prosperity, reducing bills and our carbon footprint.

In recent years there has been a great deal of change in the help and support available for people and organisations seeking to use resources more efficiently. Increases in utility bills are having major impacts on households, businesses and the voluntary and public sectors.

Resource Efficient Wales is the Welsh Government’s single point of access to provide information across a range of resource efficiency topics.

Resource Efficient Wales Client Managers

Additional support is available for you from our Client Managers. They are able to provide specialist advice on using energy, water and materials more efficiently, on generating renewable energy and on reducing waste. If you are interested in this service our Contact Centre can make a referral on your behalf to our Domestic, Community, Business or Public Sector Client Manager. They will contact you within 2 working days to discuss resource efficiency measures, specialist advice and the opportunities available to you.

Sharing information

Our aim is to show the benefits from using resources more efficiently, and provide useful and relevant information about how we can help people take action.


Call our service:

Our call handlers can provide you with information and guidance on the support you need. They will listen to your requests, explain about the services that are available, and help you find the most appropriate solution for you. If they put you in touch with a service provider, they will arrange to follow up on that service and call you back to assess the outcome. We aim to improve, and welcome any feedback on our service.

Request a call back:

If you are having difficulty in getting through to our call handlers, you may like to request a call back. We will get back to you within 2 working days.

Resource Efficient Wales Programmes

The Welsh Government has set up a number of programmes to help support you, your community or business become more resource efficient.

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