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Smart Energy GB in Communities

Part of Smart Energy GB’s campaign to inform and inspire people about smart meters and the benefits they can bring.

Switching energy supplier

Many households could be saving hundreds of pounds each year simply by switching energy supplier, tariff or payment method.

Recycle at Christmas

Useful tips on ways to recycle wrapping paper, cards and leftover food this Christmas.

Love your Clothes

Year after year, it’s estimated that around £140 million worth of used clothing (an equivalent to around 350,000 tones) goes to a landfill in the UK. Love Your Clothes can provide tips, guides and inspiration on how to fix, upcycle and care for your clothes.

Water Suppliers’ Social Tariffs

Welsh Water and Dee Valley Water have introduced tariffs designed to help low income households. If your household income is £15,000 or less you may be eligible for the reduced social tariffs.
Smart Meters

Smart Meters

Get ready for the smart meter roll-out. A smart meter will help you understand your gas and electricity bill and save you money.

Switching Energy Supplier

Many households could be saving hundreds of pounds each year simply by switching energy supplier, tariff or payment method. Consumers who have never done this could be paying more than they need to, with the difference between the cheapest and standard tariff being up to £700.

Innovate UK - Infrastructure Systems Competition Briefing

Innovate UK, in collaboration with the Welsh Government will be hosting an event in Cardiff to discuss the forthcoming competition ‘Infrastructure Systems’.

Green Growth Wales - Call for projects for 2016-17

Welsh Government, through its Green Growth Wales initiative is making investments in projects delivering energy efficiency, renewable energy and resource efficiency across Wales, with the overall aim of saving 2.5m tonnes of CO2 as well as helping public bodies to make revenue savings.

Developing Heat Networks in Wales

Welsh Government and the Department for Energy and Climate Change (DECC) are hosting a workshop on 14 June to discuss how to boost heat network deployment.

Resource Efficient Wales Domestic Client Manager

Our Resource Efficient Wales Client manager service can provide specialist advice and support on using energy and water more efficiently, generating renewable energy, recycling and reducing waste.

Water Saving Week 2016

Waterwise are hosting Water Saving Week for the second year running. Water Saving Week runs from 21-25 March 2016 and each day focuses on a specific area of water use or benefit of water efficiency.

Rainwater harvesting – good for the garden

Collecting rainwater is easy, it doesn't cost much to do and means you can keep watering gardens during the summer or whenever there are water restrictions.

Energise Wales Network - Free Events

Energise Wales is a free business network for Welsh companies working in the field of renewable energy and energy efficiency. The network offers free workshops and training across Wales, funded by the Welsh Government under the Resource Efficient Wales service.

Introduction to Domestic Renewable Heat Technologies Workshop

This course will look at the most common domestic renewable heat technologies, giving attendees a basic understanding of how each technology works.

Introduction to domestic renewable electricity technologies

This course will look at the most common renewable electricity technologies, giving attendees a basic understanding of how each technology works.

Resource Efficient Wales workshops for tourism businesses

Do you know the value of what you're throwing away?

Big Energy Saving Week 2015

The Big Energy Saving Week is a national campaign to help householders take practical steps to cut their energy bills.
Protect your pipes this winter

Prepare your home for winter

As the weather gets colder it's a good time to start thinking about protecting your home against frozen and burst pipes.

New resource efficiency self-assessment tool for businesses

The Resource Efficient Wales Client Manager Service for businesses has recently launched a new tool to help business identify where they can make resource efficiency savings.